Rag Factory

Infinite Experience came together to share and test the first stages of our work in December 2014.

Our devising ensemble curated a series of vignettes exploring the individuals’ identity as a mechanism of separation and the journey to oneness. To set the tone for how we were to continue, the piece evolved with each audience member, resulting in a unique show every night based on our audience’s reactions. 

We welcomed audience members in the consciousness field such as Daniel Pinchbeck and actively explored the distinction, or lack of, between artist and participant as the journey unfurled. By the end of the week some of our audience members had switched sides, had roles of their own and were turning up to remaining performances to share the work alongside us. 

It was during this initial experimentation that we began to realise we were no longer a group of trained actors, but an arts company made up of people tapping into their uniqueness to share this message. 

“It made me want to hug people, lie in the grass, run, breathe the air, taste the rain – really connect with the world around me” Beth Pitts director