Theatre Delicatessen

“The biggest and greatest experiment in trust” Exeunt

As we hadn’t focused on it so much in our initial experimentation, we decided to deepen our enquiry into the mental constructs that separate us. Our objective was to reflect them back to our audience in a bid to inspire objective questioning of their current mindset. We conceived of a microcosm of society, manifesting as a play space complete with characters and storylines. Our participants were integral to the outcome of the world they entered into, who’s characters were both victims and creators of a system based on profit and competition.

Every performance resulted in a collective revolution owed to our audience’s response and we received numerous feedback from participants relating their actions in the space back to those in the outside world and a subsequent questioning their current perspective.

Special thanks to public figures Neil Faulkner, David Graeber, This Changes Everything UK and to the Theatre Delicatessen team for their continued support, patience and set building!

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