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Born out of a yearning to explore inspirational solutions through play are the creators of Welcome Home, the interactive world designed to challenge your perspective.

Welcome Home is our living interactive piece, evolving with everyone who experiences it. Merging the line between interactive theatre and game playing, our artists take explorers on a journey to question the constructs that shape our current worldview. The journey, facilitated by the company and created by the participant, is designed to reveal these mechanisms and give space to question, let go, and understand how they affect our actions with a subsequent experience of connecting with the true self and the rest of creation.

With a view to empower, each participant is integral to the piece. Just as we believe is the case in the outside world, every decision made has an affect throughout the play space.

“Every choice has a moral implication. Every interaction will give you a story, it just depends on the story you seek.” Exeunt

We invite you to rediscover mysticism, play, magic and above all, your divinity.

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