“The biggest and greatest experiment in trust”
“A playful exploration of who you think you are, who they think you are and who you really are” 
“Part-psychedelic, part-hypnotic, part self-reflective”
“Anyone with a sense of theatrical adventure should dive straight down to the show’s bonkers depths”
“Very exciting. Very Matrix-esque. 
To anyone wondering if they should go and get lost in Infinite Experience’s “Welcome Home” world, I strongly suggest you do.

Who Are We?

Infinite Experience is a collective of artists, storytellers, activists, and movement specialists who came together with the shared purpose to awaken humanity.

We started as an arts company sharing our transformative theatre experience Welcome Home the world over and have now expanded to workshops, retreats and experiences specialising in embodied work to inspire deep change from within. 

What Are We?

In 1968 a group of astronauts traveled to space and looked back at Earth, experiencing a shift in perspective about who they were and their place in the universe. 

They described the feeling as “complete oneness with all of creation”. 

Through our work, we seek to give you the same experience

(without the need for space travel)

“I felt that sweet spot between a sense of my tiny yet complex self, in a much greater, and infinitely rich universe….and the connection binding us all together”


Stylus Media Group 

Our work manifests within the realms of interactive theatre, experiential learning, performance shamanism, body work and therapeutic art. Through the combination of various art forms and embodied healing work we induce the awareness of subconscious thought patterns routed in fear and separation in order to release them and reconnect to our deeper selves. 

“Is it theatre? Is it art? Is it therapy? Is it an alternate reality where you can really look at yourself? I’d say it’s all of these things and more.”


Design My Night

We take you a journey through your psyche. Your experience is your creation and your reflection. Welcome Home. 

“Every interaction will give you a story. It just depends on the story you seek”


Exeunt Magazine

Why Are We?

It is our belief that transformation lies in experience. That is to say, in order to truly know something we must first live it.

This is why Welcome Home is an experiential learning tool, curating space for our participants to rediscover their own inner truths, moment to moment. 

Where Are We?

For the past 4 years our work has travelled the world over and has been shared in deserts, forests, Caribbean beaches amongst indigenous tribes, London warehouses, ancient farmlands in Southern Italy and historic Greek Islands. 

There is no limit to where this work can be shared or by how many artists. Over our various incarnations, Welcome Home has been performed by as many as thirty artists and by as few as one. 


Since forming in 2014, we have worked with over 40 artists from all over the world.

Each incarnation of the work reflects the evolution of the company, itself shifting and changing with the growth of the artists. 

The process is led by our founder and Creative Director who guides and unites the artists to envision, create and build the world experienced in Welcome Home. 

The company is made up of strategy, devising, build and production teams, all working together on each incarnation of our constantly evolving work.  

Personal development for the artists is an integral part of our creative process as it’s our belief that embodying the message is the crucial first step in sharing it. 



Our creative director, Laura runs workshops and offers one to one sessions on releasing trapped emotions from the body, self Love and unity consciousness. 

Emotion Release is Laura’s biweekly workshop in collaboration with the Psychedelic Society interweaving somatic work, Qigong, voice and breath work to create deep liberation for body, mind and spirit. 

Through a series of practical physical techniques, you will be guided to release trapped fear based emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression to come into a greater state of balance and harmony. 

Laura currently offers Emotion Release on a bi-weekly basis on zoom. Click the link below for next sessions.

Laura’s Self Love workshop is an opportunity to shift and reprogram your perspective about yourself.

Working with neurolinguistic programming, body wisdom areas, somatic experiencing and more we uncover a deeper and truer connection to ourselves – the relationship that informs all others.

Click link below for tickets and more info. 

“Beautiful. Just beautiful”


Who are you? Is Laura’s latest online workshop exploring a deeper understanding of who we really are on a deep dive into our mind, body and soul. 

Working with source breath work, meditation, movement and play, we explore the idea that reality is our playmate and mirror, every challenge an opportunity for deeper growth; shifting from individualism and separation into unity consciousness. 

“For anyone who feels like their current efforts with self-care and emotional healing aren’t quite going deep enough, this is for you. Laura is a brilliant facilitator who is very good at creating a calm, centered and non-judgmental space. Definitely the kind of emotional work I need to be doing! Will 100% attend again.”


“Completely transformative. Thank you”


Jamie Tomkins 

 “The experience helped me to be more present and to let go. There were tears, there was anger, it was a powerful session, and Laura held the space for us all to ‘be with’ whatever came up so beautifully. Thanks again.”


Kevin French 


“A really beautiful experience – It was delicately led and a real journey through the senses and emotions – The sensations evoked were electric at some stages – Thank you”


“Laura is an amazing facilitator. She led the entire session beautifully, holding space for all of us and making us feel safe. I felt much lighter after it! I am very happy to have learned new breathing techniques, to have pushed my boundaries and to feel I’ve made new steps towards coming home to myself.”


“Last time I came in a horrible mood and left feeling absolutely peaceful and loving. The facilitator is really lovely and it’s slightly different every time. i will come again and again.”


“This was first ever online workshop for me and I was blown away by the strong connection I felt with Laura and the whole group. The workshop was really well structured and Laura was wonderful in every way really. I felt great release of intense stagnated heavy emotions and slept like a baby afterwards. Today, the day after, I feel light and vibrant, I’m sure thanks to the healing that the workshop facilitated.”


“Totally vibed with Laura from the first session I did with her… Felt wonderful and extremely grounded each time I finished our sessions. She has a wonderful and soothing voice and has a soft, warm, welcoming, authentic and loving energy, will be back for more ! Much love Laura <3”



Laura Reeves
Creative Director

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